Mr. Rashid Ghaznavi at a Glance

Through the 70s Mr. Rashid Ghaznavi was in PSF Hyderabad Sindh. After the 1977 “Marshall Law”, the government started making false cases and cracked down on the PPP/PSF especially in the Sindh province. On the advice of his late brother-in-law, senior vice chairman PPP Makhdoom Mohd Zaman, Pir of Hala, he left Pakistan in 1978 and settled in Los Angeles, creating the local PPP in 1979. As president he helped over 300 Pakistani PPP workers get immigration and settle in the USA. Worked very closely with co-chairperson, Mrs. Benazair Bhutto’s political secretary, Naheed Khan, all these years.

He arranged an agitation against the home sports minister Jamali who came to attend the 1985 Olympics (Pakistan won hockey medal). During the hockey finals he was forced to leave the stadium by a democrat who worked with Shabir Sheikh- then president. From 1993 to 1996 made Kauser Bhutto President of California. The end of 1996 election was held by PAPA/PPP President Dr. A.W. Bhutti and he became President of California again. April 27, 1999, he arranged a demonstration with Doctor Famida Mirza, MNA, as a guest against the disqualification for five years of PPP chairperson and her husband in front of the Los Angeles federal building for three continuous days.

In December 2004, PPP president USA, Doctor Hassan, asked him if he would agree to be the vice-president of PPP USA, and give up the post of President PPP California, which he did.

He worked all his adult life for the PPP and promoted the late PPP founder Qaiz-a-Awam, Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s (late) vision of democratic prosperous Pakistan.

Rashid Ghaznavi

Rashid Ghaznavi
Vice President PPP - USA.
created this website, and has provided his adult life to the benefit of the party... (more)

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