The Constitution (Overseas Content)



1- Title and Commencement
2- Interpretation

Article 1 Definition 

Chapter 1 -Membership

Article 2. Eligibility
Article 3. Termination

Chapter 2 - Pakistan Peoples Party (Overseas)

Article 4 - Executive of the PPP (Overseas)

Chapter 3 - National Unit

Article 5 Name
Article 6 Organization
Article 7 Powers and Responsibilities
Article 8 Unit Branches

Chapter 4 – Finance

Article 9 Bank Account
Article 10 PPP (Overseas) Accounts
Article 11 Accounts
Article 12 Finance Miscellaneous

Chapter 5 - Elections

Article 13 Branch Unit
Article 14 Qualifications/Disqualification

Chapter 6 - Discipline

Article 15 Suspension of Membership
Article 16 Restoration of Membership
Article 17 Obligation and Rights of Members

Chapter 7 - General / Miscellaneous

Article 18 General Body
Article 19 Amendment to the Constitution
Article 20 Bylaws and Rules


Whereas the Pakistan Peoples Party is the largest single political party representing the downtrodden people of Pakistan and stands committed to the establishment of an egalitarian, just and prosperous society;

And whereas a large majority of PPP followers living overseas want to actively support the cause of the party through an organizational structure;

Wherein the principles of democracy, tolerance, equality and loyalty to the cause of the party shall be fully observed;

Wherein the members of PPP living overseas shall through organized units of the party supplement the program of the party;

Wherein men of influence including the parliamentarians, the human rights organizations, the media, of the countries where the organizations of the party exists, shall be kept informed of the just cause of the people of Pakistan and their support solicited whenever the rights of the people, universally recognized, are suppressed and the will of the people not upheld;

Now, therefore, we, the members of the Pakistan Peoples Party;

Cognizant of the sacrifices made by our leadership and workers of the party;

Faithful to our Party and its leadership;

Dedicated to the historical struggle of our leader Quaid e Awam Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed against the forces of oppression;

Inspired by the resolve of our leadership to take the progress of our country into the twenty-first century;

Do hereby adopt and give to ourselves, this constitution.


1- This constitution shall be called the constitution of the "PAKISTAN PEOPLES PARTY (OVERSEAS) and includes the memorandum, rules and bye-laws.

2- This constitution shall come into effect from the 4 April 1993.

ARTICLE 1 In this article unless there be something in the subject or context therewith:

i) "The PPP (Overseas)" means Committee authorized to liaise with overseas units.
ii) "The National Unit" means the Executive Committee and the Branch Units.
iii) Words imparting only the singular number include the plural and vice-versa.
iv) Words importing masculine gender include the feminine gender.


ARTICLE 2 Eligibility

Any person who is a Pakistani, by nationality, birth or origin and who believes in the programs of the Pakistan Peoples Party as incorporated in the "FOUNDATION MEETING DOCUMENTS" dated the 30th November - 1st December 1967 as supplemented by the various resolutions, documents adopted by the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Peoples Party, from time to time and the various policy statements made by the Chairperson of the PPP - and lives outside Pakistan; and voluntarily applies to join the Party, shall subject to the membership rules of the Party; be eligible to become a member of the Party.

ARTICLE 3 Termination of Membership

Membership shall be terminated by

a) Expulsion
b) Voluntary withdrawal
c) Death


ARTICLE 4 Executive of the Pakistan Peoples Party (Overseas)

The Executive shall consist of a Committee appointed by the Chairperson for coordinating affairs between the overseas units and head office.



The National Unit will identify itself by adding the name of the country at the end of the party’s name, e.g. Pakistan Peoples Party U.K.

ARTICLE 6 Organization


The Executive Committee of the National Unit shall consist of elected office bearers and members. The office bearers who shall form part of the committee shall be:

i) President
ii) Senior Vice President
iii) Vice President
iv) General Secretary
v) Joint Secretary
vi) Information Secretary
vii) Finance Secretary
viii) Record Secretary
ix) Public Relation Officer

There shall be twelve members of the Executive Committee, of whom six shall be elected as such at the elections and the remaining nominated after clearance with Chairperson/PPP Overseas Committee.

ARTICLE 7 Powers and Responsibilities


i) The President shall supervise, administrate all organizational, executive, administrative and financial matters and shall be responsible for the entire working of the Party under the guidelines and direction of the Chairperson of PPP and/or a committee formed for the purpose which shall be known as the Overseas PPP Committee.

ii) He shall

a. maintain liaison with the Incharge of the Overseas Desk of the Party on all matters of common interest between the Party and the Overseas Desk and cause the extension of any assistance to he Overseas Desk through any National Unit as and when deemed necessary.

b. Maintain liaison with the Desk for Relationship with Foreign Political Parties;

iii) He shall conduct all meetings of the Council and shall be Chairman at all such meetings. In case of a tie he shall have a casting vote.

iv) He shall have the right to examine the account books of the Party and Unit/Branches as and when necessary and shall control the finance of the Party jointly with General Secretary and Finance Secretary of party.

v) It shall be within his rights to sanction payments, subject to proper accounts, for amount determined by the executive committee

vi) For day to day running of the affairs of the Party he shall perform the functions of the Council

vii) In emergency, he may call a meeting of the council at a suitably convenient place and time, in consultation with the General Secretary of the Party.

viii) He may, in his discretion, delegate any or all of his power to the General Secretary and may appoint, authorize or assign any person or committee, to perform specific duties, or to do such other works as may be assigned to them.

ix) He shall authenticate the minutes of all meetings which shall be recorded by the Secretary of the meeting.

x) He shall have full power to appoint, promote, or terminate services of any paid staff of the Party in consultation with the administration Committee set up for the purpose.


i) He shall be in charge of the office of the Party and shall carry out all executive and administrative decisions of the party.

ii) He shall record the minutes of the meetings and shall have the same authenticated by the President and shall prepare reports and summaries of the proceedings of the council meetings.

iii) He shall attend such meetings as may be necessary to carry out the aims and objects of the Party in compliance of the decisions taken to coordinate the organizational working of the Units/Branches/Committees that may be set up from time to time.

iv) He shall arrange and organize all meetings of the Executive or the council in consultation with the President or as otherwise provided in this constitution.

v) He shall prepare and compile reports for all meetings of the Council.

vi) He shall maintain up-to-date records of all membership of the Party.

vii) He shall be an ex officio member of all the special committees and sub committees of the Party set up to carry out tasks of limited duration.

viii) He shall have the right to examine the accounts of the Party.


i) He shall maintain all accounts books of the Party, collect all out standing moneys, receive, scrutinize, pass and pay all bills, after their approval by the President of which an audited account shall be put before the council for approval.

ii) He shall maintain bank statements, receipts of expenditure and authorities sanctioning expenses and make them available to the independent accountant who may be engaged by the President following the approval of the Council.

iii) He shall attend all meetings of the Executive of the Party and the council and any other meetings for which he may be asked by the President to attend.


i) He shall be responsible to issue all press releases in keeping with party policy and cause them to be published in leading Urdu/English dailies.

ii) He shall cause the publication of all such newsletters, publicity material, posters, etc. as approved by the Executive of the Party.

iii) He shall head any information cell or committee that may be set up by the President to keep the Party informed of all important issues, campaigns, etc.

iv) He shall maintain effective liaison with all the Information Secretaries of National Units and coordinate resources and effort, under the direction of the President.

v) He shall cause to establish contacts with leading media-men in various countries and other organizations under an information plan prepared by him and approved by the Council.


i) The Executive of the Party shall meet as and when called by the General Secretary with the approval of the President, who shall chair its meetings.

ii) It shall assist the President in carrying out his duties under the Constitution.


i) In addition to such powers and limitations as provided for elsewhere in this constitution, the council shall propose the membership subscription to the Overseas Committee and other subscriptions payable by candidates during the election.

ii) Subject to the overall control of the Chairperson and the functions of the President under this constitution, the Council shall debate and approve proposals for effective running of the Party as the agenda for each council meeting shall provide.

iii) It shall discuss various reports and documents as provided for elsewhere in this constitution and ratify it by majority vote.

iv) It shall meet at such time and place as agreed by the Council or appointed by the President in emergency, but at least once in every six months.

v) The necessary quorum of the Council meeting shall be one third of its total membership.

vi) In the absence of the President of the Party the Vice-President of the National Unit shall preside over the meetings of the Council.

vii) Council shall debate the prevailing political situation in Pakistan and chalk out a strategy for promoting the interests of the Party.


In the absence of the General Secretary the provisions of Article 9(b) shall apply to the Joint Secretary and as if the reference therein to the President and Vice President were a reference to the General Secretary and Joint Secretary.


The Record Secretary shall work under the direction of the General Secretary and shall be responsible for maintaining records of all proceedings, activities and functions of the party by way of keeping documents, press cuttings, photographs, video films, computer disks and shall catalogue all such documents as part of the record of the National Unit of the Party.


The Public Relation Officer shall work in close collaboration with the Information Secretary and shall be responsible for keeping liaison with the authorities for obtaining permissions and licensees for holding public demonstrations or meetings, etc. He shall also be responsible for arranging venues for National Unit activities as directed by the Executive Committee and shall also be responsible for the protocol of the National Unit.

j) An Officer will be designated by the President for liaising with visiting PPP officials from Pakistan and making arrangements for their visit on official Party work.

k) An Officer will be designated to assist the President in meetings with the Foreign Office of the National Unit.

ARTICLE 8 Unit Branches

a) Any National Unit may open a branch of the Unit in any city, town or a district, for which the territorial limits shall be defined by the Executive Committee.

b) Membership

No branch shall be opened as provided for above, unless a minimum number of members as decided by the Executive have been enrolled by the National Unit.


ARTICLE 9 Bank Accounts

a) PPP (Overseas) shall ask members to contribute sums to maintain an account for payment to Socialist International and other expenditures as determined necessary from time to time.

b) National, Unit and branches shall cause to open a bank account in any schedule bank in their country.

c) The said account shall be operated jointly by the President and Finance Secretary as the authorized signatories and all cheques of that account shall be signed by both office bearers jointly. In case of dispute at the National level, the Chairperson, or person nominated by her, may operate the account singly. In case of dispute at the branch level, the National unit may devise a policy from time to time.

d) The manner of managing the National / Unit account shall be determined by the National Executive from time to time within the ambit of above clauses.

ARTICLE 10 Overseas Account

a) The account opened by PPP (Overseas) shall be operated singly with the signatures of the Chairperson or persons designated by her jointly.

b) The Chairperson of the PPP may in her own discretion direct the President of the PPP (Overseas) to release any amount for the purpose so stated in her direction.

c) The PPP Overseas Committee may through a committee meeting direct the same for purpose so recorded.

ARTICLE 11 Accounts


On the first day of January of each year the branch unit shall submit a detailed statement of accounts of the proceeding year to the National Unit. Failure to comply with this requirement will disqualify the branch unit from membership of the Executive Committee of the National Unit.


On the first day of February of each year the National Unit shall submit detailed accounts along with the statements of account of the branches of PPP (Overseas). Failure to comply with this requirement will attract disqualification of the National Unit from membership of the council of the PPP (Overseas) and/or other disciplinary action.


On the first day of March of each year PPP (Overseas) shall submit a detailed statement of its own account along with the summaries of accounts of National Units, to the Finance Secretary of PPP. Failure to comply with this requirement may entail disciplinary proceedings against those responsible for so doing.

ARTICLE 12 Finance Miscellaneous

a) Fund raising shall basically be done by a national Unit through membership or special fund raising.

b) Each member of the Executive and of the Council shall make a monthly contribution to qualify as member of the unit concerned. The amount shall be determined by the National unit in consultation with the PPP Overseas.

c) An ad hoc committee set up to hold elections of a National Unit shall cease membership drive as provided for in the election schedule prior to the polling date, and all moneys collected as membership subscription by the ad hoc committee shall after the polling day be sent as a banker’s draft in Pounds Sterling representing fifty percent of the fund to PPP (Overseas) and then transfer the account and record to the newly elected body.

d) All National Units will contribute a sum to the PPP Overseas Account as determined by the Overseas Committee from time to time.

e) On the direction of the Chairperson or as decided by a meeting of PPP (Overseas), funds from the PPP Overseas Fund can be remitted through Bank Account to designated Party accounts within Pakistan.


ARTICLE 13 Branch Units

The Executive committee of a National Unit shall, not later than 30 days prior to the date of elections of any branch unit, dissolve the organization and nominate a three member ad hoc committee to hold elections of the office bearers of the branch unit, according to the election rules of the party issued by PPP (Overseas).

ARTICLE 14 Qualifications / Disqualification of Candidates


Any member of the Party who has held membership for at least two years prior to the date filing nomination papers may be a candidate at such an election.


Notwithstanding anything contained in (a) above any members falling in any one of the following categories shall be disqualified to present himself for election to any office in the branch or national unit:

i) Anyone found guilty of in-discipline and so dealt with by the Party.

ii) Anyone convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude, i.e. theft, fraud, deception, sexual offenses, drugs, kidnapping, murder etc.

iii) Anyone who has not participated in at least three meetings, public meetings, demonstrations or any other occasion organized by the National Unit to which that member was invited either personally or through open invitation released through the press or any other public information means, i.e. posters, leaflets or radio or television advertisement, without sufficient cause.

iv) Anyone who has not cleared dues of the Party or who has withheld, used or converted Party funds without authority.


ARTICLE 15 Suspension of Membership

a) If any ordinary member carries on any activities detrimental to the interest of the Party or the Pakistan Peoples Party, the branch unit executive may suspend his membership after serving upon him Forms A and B prescribed under Pakistan Peoples Party rules, and refer the matter to the National Unit for further consideration.

b) Any office bearer of a branch unit involved in activities detrimental to the interest of the Party of the Pakistan Peoples Party may be suspended after due notice as referred to in Article 15 (a) has been served by the National Unit Executive Committee, which shall then refer the matter to the party for further action.

c) Any office bearer of a National Unit involving himself in activities detrimental to the interest of the Party may be suspended by the Party after due notice process as provided for above. Following which, executive of the Party shall dispose of the matter with the approval of the Chairperson.

d) In case of National Unit office bearers no expulsion decision shall be recorded or communicated to the concerned office bearer without the approval of the Chairperson.

e) Any member aggrieved by any decision of suspension of expulsion against him, may within 30 days of the date of any such decision, move for a review of the decision to the authority which has expelled him. Subsequently, he can prefer an appeal to the higher authority within the Party hierarchy and any decision taken by the Executive of the Party carrying the approval of the Chairperson shall be final and not challengeable in any tribunal or court of law.

f) Any member joining another political party shall automatically cease to be a member of the Party and that decision in writing shall be communicated to the member by the party.

ARTICLE 16 Restoration of Membership

a) No member who has been expelled from the Party on disciplinary grounds may be made a member again without the approval of the Chairperson/PPP Overseas.

b) Any member losing his membership through resignation or joining another party may rejoin, after withdrawing his resignation or evidence in writing of resigning from the other political party on application to the National Unit, but his membership shall be treated as fresh and no credit will be given to him of his previous membership.

ARTICLE 17 Obligation and Rights of Members

a) Any member may obtain a copy of the constitution of the Party and uphold it at all times during the currency of his membership.

b) Every member shall be obliged to abide by rules and regulations issued under this constitution from time to time by the Party.

c) Every member shall be bound by the decisions of the Chairperson, Overseas Committee, National Unit and/or Branch unit communicated by the Party.

d) Every member shall always act in an honorable and disciplined manner in the highest traditions of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

e) No member shall ever cause the name of the Party used or exploited for any personal gains or benefits.

f) Every member shall regularly pay all his subscriptions and dues in accordance with the rules drawn up from time to time by the National Executive.

g) Every member has the right to hold his views about the Party policies or procedures which he may only express orally or in writing within the Party and never make them public where such issues may bring the Party into disrepute.

h) Every member shall have the right to exercise his free will at the elections.

No action shall be taken against any member without giving him a proper opportunity to defend himself.


ARTICLE 18 General Body

a) The General Body of the Party shall comprise of all the membership of the Branch and National Units of the Party.

b) The Party may hold a general meeting of the General Body as and when required or directed by the Chairperson.

ARTICLE 19 Amendment to the Constitution

a) The council may propose an amendment to the constitution of the Party which shall only be communicated to the Overseas Committee and the Chairperson for approval after two-thirds of the full membership of the council has voted for it.

b) No proposal for amendment shall be binding on the Overseas Committee or the Chairperson.

ARTICLE 20 Bylaws and Rules

a) The Council of the Party shall approve all Rules and Bylaws as formulated by the Executive of the Party, by a simple majority in its regular or extraordinary meetings.

b) Any Rule or By-law approved by the Overseas Committee after approval of the Chairperson shall be adopted by the council in its regular meetings.

c) The Rules and Regulations of the Pakistan Peoples Party apply to the Party, which is part of the main organization of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

(This Constitution contains Seven Chapters and a total of Twenty Articles)

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